We are blessed to have such amazing talent join us this Summit. Each day you will enjoy the stories of these wonderful people through their song or artistic creations.


NATTALI RIZE – Ask her where she comes from, she’ll tell you “All Directions”. In line with her philosophy she claims not to belong to any nation state but to the ever evolving community of conscious thinkers and creators anywhere & everywhere. Of mixed global heritage, with dominant Native American and Samoan roots, Nattali Rize is known around the world for her work fronting epic roots band Blue King Brown as well as for her unwavering commitment to using her voice and music for the global struggle toward the realization of Full Freedom and the movement of Truth and Justice over the systemic exploitation of the people and our planet.

nattalirize.com PLAYING FRIDAY OCTOBER 23 

Together they combine their Australia/Israel roots to present a lively performance of folk based original songs written by Carlie, performed using a loop station and many instruments : two guitars, didgeridoo, native American flute, melodica and many form of percussion. Acoustic folk groove entwined with an ethnic tribal twist! This will be there first performance back home for 2 years… not to be missed.

www.carliefairburn.com PLAYING SATURDAY OCTOBER 24

Free Like Me is a band led by singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists, producers, Lucy Gallant & Daniel Urbina. Lucy, also a professional fire-dancer, is from Sunshine Coast, Australia. Daniel is from Mérida, Venezuela. Due to their extensive travels and exposure to different cultures, their music is a blend of different world genres intermingled with powerful conscious lyrics.

www.freelikeme.com.au PLAYING FRIDAY OCTOBER 23

Christian Palmer is a Byron Bay based artist from London whose work is a collision between the confines of an establishment fine art background (Central Saint Martins, London) and the pull of the urban contemporary street art movement with its unrestricted communication and interaction through public spaces. Palmer’s rise in the global urban art scene kicked off following exhibiting with street artist Banksy and UK stencil artist T.WAT to name just a few. His work is now exhibited Globally. (Lee Steer, Redsea Gallery)