You can find Moonshine Coffee Roasters hidden amongst the coffee trees in the hinterland village of Federal, Byron Bay. Coffee has been grown and roasted in these hills since before we were born. It’s just been kept a little quiet, the Moonshine way.

We Moonshiner’s take great pride in roasting on a coffee farm. It simply gives us an insight and experience that most other roasters can only Google.

As roasters we source speciality coffee from at home and abroad to deliver a coffee that is simple, accessible and exceptional.

Our roasting process starts with a quality raw product and a clear vision of what we want to achieve in the cup. Each batch of Moonshine coffee is then micro-roasted by hand and evaluated using all five senses and a little bit of science (of course) to ensure that our grand vision has been achieved. As they say, perfection is an endless pursuit and it sure keeps us busy.

We are pleased to partner Moonshine Coffee Roasters at this years event and look forward to you all tasting there creations on site.